Kaitlyn Walker 

Flower Tammy 

Kaitlyn is so excited to be taking the stage once again! Kaitlyn is currently a nursing student at Pearl River Community College! Her last roles consisted of the white rabbit in Shrek The musical, a member of the Ensemble in Mamma Mia as well as Grease! Kaitlyn is so thankful for for Mr. Brian believing in her and giving her the opportunity to become more involved by being the choreographer for some of the CECA shows that she had roles in as well. Since being at CECA, Kaitlyn has made many life long friends and is so thank for all of them!! She would like to say thank you to all of her theater family and friends for pushing her too be the person she is today!! She also would like to say thank you to her family for being her biggest cheer leaders and always being by her side no matter what!!