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Meet the Actors


Brandon Conerly is a New Orleans Native.. has always had a passion for the arts as a child. At a very young age he was involved in using his talents.Singing and Acting went hand and hand for Him..In Middle School he was enrolled in a gifted and talented class program His first stage play was "The King And I" The Karlehome" Sandra Richads..This is where he was trained professionally on Theater Arts and Stage Plays.. later going on to act in numerous stage plays in churches..and Theater Companies across the Metropolitan New Orleans Area.. With Casting In Plays Such as "Sweet Willie's Cotton Club.,".T. Duplessis.. Entertainment.."Sam Cooke".."The Color Purple.".Cutting Edge Theater..."Ol Mister.." Dream girls".."Curtis Taylor"... Cutting Edge Theater. and many more...His love and passion for the Stage and Arts are just as strong as they very first day that he hit the stage..And Now Back For "The Color Purple Reunion".."Ol Mister" "What an Honor..

Brondon Conerly

old mister 

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