Londen Arnold is an extremely talented and eager 12 year old who has fallen in love with the lights, camera, and action of theater. Londen is currently a sixth grader at Bonne E. Cole where he is both a member of Talented Theater and the school band as a saxophone player. Londen’s interests include special effects make-up and detailed face painting, singing, building interactive theater experiences on Roblox and Minecraft, and riding on go-karts! His favorite subjects are science and art. He is a featured character of KidCent$. Londen has so far had the pleasure of gaining experience both on and off the stage within his theater career. Londen’s resume includes being casted as part of the ensemble in the production of “A Christmas Carol” presented by Slidell High in 2021, stage manager and understudy for the part of Mr. Warbucks in the production of “Annie” presented by Bonne E. Cole in 2022, and now Londen makes his lead debut as Sebastian in CECA’s 2022 production of “The Little Mermaid”. Londen dreams of becoming an Oscar winning actor and director someday, and he also would like to own his own theater.