Austin Howard- is very excited to throw on some tight underwear and squeeze into some leather in his Cutting Edge Theater debut as, “Drew”. Your favorite clueless loveable man boy. He’s got a Big heart, BIg dreams, BIG crush, and EVEN BIGGER… HAIR!!! Austin has been preparing for this role since he was 3, when he stole his dad's guitar and danced around to Elvis rocking nothing but a sombrero. He grew up the son of a musician and a karaoke enthusiast, and had the natural inclination to entertain from a young age. Since then he has been a part of several choirs (including one tour of Italy where he had the pleasure of performing in the Vatican), and many musicals including but not limited to “Me and My Girl” (Sir Jasper Tring), “Les Miserables” (The Foreman/Revolutionary), “Shrek the Musical” (Pinnochio) ect. Beyond the stage, Austin lived in LA for a few years and worked on several Short/Feature film projects and pilots as well as writing music. He is excited to be back on stage, with his clothing *mostly* on!

Austin Howard