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I was born in New Orleans La. in the late 60's. My parents discovered my gift of singing at the age of 4, then shorty after that we moved to Slidell La. Where I continue to sing at churches and special events and my elementary school Abney. Singing was ok, but I wanted to do more. I started playing the saxophone in the 5th grade until my athleticism got in the way. I couldn't play in the band and be on the football team, So I joined the chorus. After excelling in sports and receiving awards in choir. I wanted more, so my parents bought guitars.I learn to play bass and lead guitar while in jr high school. This gave me the opportunity to perform at the jazz fest and the Worlds Fair in 1984 with the Dynamic Smooth Family. I still yearned for more. So I started playing the piano and this talent made me a lil money. I was able to sing and accompany myself while playing for wedding,funerals and parties ect. I went on to be cast in my senior play"Mack and Mable. I also had the honor of being cast in two August Wilson stage plays" FENCES and JITNEY. In 1997 I was blessed to appear on Showtime at the Apollo Amature Night. I decided in 2014 to bring laughter to the world. So i create three characters Deacontwo Save,Himrighthere and Louie Wonder. My show is called "Him Them and Me Comedy Show. Im attached for life to my beautiful wife Hazel and four kids Lanston,Bre'zall,Jacaria and Cannden. I thank God for giving me so much to share with the world. My promise is to return to him, Empty of all he's giving me to leave here on earth.

Sam Warren 


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