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Meet the Actors


Dawn Mastascuso (Margo) is thrilled to be invited back at Cutting Edge in the fourth saga of Back To the Chapel: Love is Battlefield. She has fallen in love with every one of these characters and has enjoyed writing their stories of love, loss and learning to love again. Every woman needs strong women around them to offer unconditional love and support…and to let them know when they are being stupid! When in doubt, just ask, “What would Margo do?”

There is not enough gratitude to offer Brian and Richard for giving me this opportunity to tell this story, Richard for making me so beautiful in each photo, and to these phenomenal women who let me use their amazing voices to tell their stories! Much love to my theater family and my little family for supporting me!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! And thank you so very much for coming to see us!!

Dawn Mastascuso


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