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120 + min   |   Rated nc17   | Directed By Brian Fontenot


What will you learn at Cutting Edge Theater Audition Workshop? 

- Audition techniques used by acting professionals.
- Be taught by professional performers and educators. 
- How to conduct yourself at an audition.
- How to prepare for our audition.
- How to choose the right song for your musical audition.
- How to choose the right monologue for your audition. 
- What are the casting directors looking for? 
- Is auditioning for a musical different than auditioning for a straight play? 
​- How to prepare for your dance audition.

Event by Cutting Edge TheaterNathan Parrish and Kaitlyn Walker

Cutting Edge Theater

Duration: 1 day

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Want to feel more confident? Never know what to sing for an audition? We’ve got you covered!

Cutting Edge Theater and CECA proudly present a new Workshop experience! One weekend, one focus, one goal!

Starting with an Audition Workshop, get a leg-up on the competition at your next audition with some very helpful tools and tips of the trade from some of your favorite CECA staff members!

Ms. Jenn will guide you through cold reading, monologues and confidence! Ms. Katie will go through dance calls and Mr. Nathan will find the perfect song for your next audition!

August 28-29 1-5pm
Tuition: $50
(Tuition includes an audition binder, headshot, monologue(s) and audition songs)

Any questions please call the theater 9895-649-3727

Hope to see you there!!!

Joel Sunsin 

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