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Meet the Actors


Dawn Mastascuso is back at Cutting Edge! She was last seen as “Margo” in Back to the Chapel: Love is a Battlefield (the fourth saga written and directed by her) and is thrilled to be working with the esteemed Sara Pagones (who gave this unknown actress a chance many years ago! Sara is one of the reasons she fell in love with acting!). It is an honor and privilege to portray such a strong, bright, eloquent…okay, opinionated…iconic female character as Julia Sugarbaker. In addition, she gets to work with such a talented cast—some she has worked with in the past! Lisa Baradell Castro (Kitchen Witches, Rocky Horror (1-4] Glad to have you back!] Sara Tweedy (Urine Town, Rocky Horror [1-45], girl…too many to name!], Sandy Wolsefer(Pageant Play -No WWE Wrestling moves in this one, I’m getting too old to drag you across the stage by a boot!) Sara Pagones (Radium Girls, 9-5 The Musical) and to all the new cast…May we have a blast telling this story! And Brian Fontenot and Richard Fuentes…thank you for always seeming to know when I need to be back on stage. I love you both more than you will ever know!! As Julia would say “Here in the South, we don’t hide our crazy relatives in the attic…we put them on STAGE!!” Break Legs!!


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