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Love is a Battlefield... Back to the chapel !

Back To The Chapel: Love Is A Battlefield brings back our favorite ladies Betty, Ginger, Marla and Margo to continue their journey of finding real love.

Margo’s Paul has finally returned from Vietnam! Does she finally have her “perfect” man back? After all these years will she agree to “forsake all others”? Even Ginger has convinced a man to marry her this time! Though she has to fight another woman to get that proposal! Betty and Marvin have hit a rough spot, can it survive jealousy? Even Marla and Bill can’t communicate, because it’s a man’s world after all.

Come catch these beautiful and talented women learn that some love is worth fighting for…and some love is not! After all…Love Is A Battlefield!

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Kizzy Frierson

Thais Kitchen

Dawn Mastascuso

Robyn Castello

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